Your ‘peace’ is your wealth (Part II)

I’ll keep it short… Long becomes monotonous.

This chaotic world..or should I say jumbled up world! Hahaa. We are so filled up with the spirit of instagram, facebook, twitter..precisely social media that we just tend to forget our ‘real self.’ The ‘real us’ that were created with a heart & soul & spirit. As real human beings..compassionate human beings.. brought up in a socialising ‘era’ where humans talked, discussed, conversed & laughed together. Not in the age where we are, typically, walking cellphones that breathe, sleep and eat.

Just taking a little dig into it..

An acquaintance of mine, obsessed with social media, unintentionally got so carried away by the edited, fake, photoshoped pictures and videos on social media that made her feel unnaturally dull and low about herself, gradually having left her with a low self esteem. What a great help it is….this tech freak world?! Isn’t it!

You lose your inner peace, inner joy at the cost of hundred likes on your social media account.

Your ‘Peace’ is your Wealth

Why not begin it this way…

We live in a chaotic world. Busy schedules, posh lifestyles, competitive environment, high cost of living, longer distance, huge traffic jam..and the list can go on & on.

But one thing that really hits me hard ‘Where the hell is the peace of mind in middle of all this?’ Aren’t we so blocked up with this material world that even wearing a good costume today, calls for lot of effort, time, calculations,competition. Clicking selfies is such a deal that we are ready to put in ‘good’ amount of time to get the right pout? Taking your sweetheart out for dinner is such a pain in the ass only because she is in that ‘space’ where she could easily show off your ‘ideal dinner’ before her friends?! And let me remind you that calls a good restraunt and a heavy bill.

Give me a break…… Where does the peace of your mind fit in?